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Located near Anjuna Beach which is regarded as the "Heart of Goa". Here you will be getting the alluring experience with the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. Sort By Stays is a backpacker hostel in North Goa, known for its finest hospitality services. Indulge yourself in the party vibes of Goa and feel the real essence with this best hostel in Anjuna. Meet with other like-minded travellers and explore the party capital of India with much more enthusiasm.

We offer private rooms as well as dormitories in North Goa which are not only affordably priced but also equipped with advanced amenities. Refresh your body and inner soul with the soothing ambience and play different indoor games. Socialize with your friends and other travellers while enjoying the mouthwatering dishes at our in-house cafe cum bar.

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Stays & Experience

We are providing our guests with private rooms and dorm rooms where they can spend a comfortable stay. Our accommodation is spacious, fully furnished and equipped with all the amenities as we prioritize the comfort of our guests. The major amenities that we offer to our guests include comfy beds, clean linen, ventilated washrooms, high-speed Wi-Fi, a table, a chair and many more.

Sort By Stays is the best hostel in North Goa where you can get a mind-blowing experience. This property gets full marks in all aspects regarding the location, hospitality, and accessibility. Whether you are a solo traveller or a group of friends, Sort By Stays has something to offer for everyone to enhance your experience in Goa.


Private Rooms

Discover comfort and privacy at Sort By Stays with our meticulously designed private rooms. Experience a blend of luxury and tranquility, creating an ideal retreat for a memorable stay.


Dormitory Rooms

At Sort By Stays, our dormitory rooms redefine shared accommodations. Enjoy a vibrant social atmosphere while ensuring a budget-friendly and comfortable stay. Experience community living at its best at our dormitory in North Goa.

Vibrant Ambience

Vibrant Ambiance

The good ambience of a place can enhance your urge to spend some more time. The management of Sort By Stays understands this and thus offers their guests a classy and vibrant ambience in common areas, rooms and cafes.

Social Spaces for Connection

Place to Socialize

Our hostel in Anjuna is a great place to socialize not only with your friends but also with other travellers. Either in the common-area or at their cafe, spend hours chit-chatting with people to create some cherishing memories.

Thought out menu with a Twist

24x7 Cafe Cum Bar

Sort By Stays hosts the best cafe in North Goa which offers multi-cuisine meals to its guests. Along with that, you can get booze here with drinks of your own choice. We serve our guests 24x7 and you can give orders round-the-clock.

Local Experiences, Curated

Feel the Real Essence of Goa

You can feel the party vibes of Goa by staying at Sort By Stays due to its location. All the famous clubs are located in its nearby vicinity. You can also explore the historical places of North Goa as all are easily accessible from here.

Why Choose Us?


Safety & Security

Sort By Stays is the safest place to stay in North Goa. This hostel in Anjuna always prioritizes the safety of its guests and never compromises on this aspect. This is an ideal place to stay for solo-female travellers as they will be getting a safe and secure environment. Our staff is trained in such a manner that if they observe any suspicious activity, they will immediately report it to their superior and accordingly action will be taken.


Things to Do

A wide range of activities to do in North Goa will add some never forgetting memories to your trip. Some of those must-do things are enlisted as follows:

  • Take sunbathe at beaches of North Goa such as Anjuna, Vagator
  • Explore the historical places of Goa
  • Enjoy adventurous water sports activities
  • Shop at local markets such as Anjuna Flea Market.
  • Taste local Goan food at Sort By Stays
  • Spend a beautiful evening at Sort By Stays
  • Try your luck at a casino


Private Rooms



SortByStays is a hostel that offers a variety of accommodation options, including private rooms and dormitories, with the unique feature of sorting stays based on different durations.
Booking a stay at SortByStays is easy. we are available on, Make my trip, Agoda or You can visit our website, choose your preferred accommodation type, select your desired stay duration, and complete the booking process online.
SortByStays provides both private rooms and dormitory options. Private rooms are ideal for individuals or couples seeking more privacy, while dormitories are great for budget-conscious travelers and groups.
Yes, we offer special discounts for guests who choose to stay for an extended period. The longer you stay, the more you save! Contact our reservations team for more information.
Breakfast is inclusive if you book for a package. We have rates with and without breakfast please check availability and any associated fees when making your reservation.
SortBy Stays provides a range of amenities, including free Wi-Fi, communal kitchen facilities, laundry services, 24/7 reception, and more. Check our website or contact our staff for a comprehensive list of amenities.
Yes, you can cancel or modify your reservation at SortByStays, but the cancellation policy may vary depending on the booking type and time of cancellation. Refer to our booking terms and conditions for more details.
Unfortunately, SortByStays does not allow pets on the premises, as we want to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for all our guests.
Yes, we offer parking facilities for guests who choose to drive to our hostel. Please check availability and any associated free parking (Free of Charge) when making your reservation.
When you’re sharing a room with other people, your belongings will be safe in your assigned storage locker and We have security cameras so that we could watch the door from reception.
Safety is our top priority. We have 24/7 security measures in place, including security guard, 24/7 cctv camera, secure access to the hostel and lockers for each guest. We also have staff available at the front desk at all times.
Yes we do have a women only dormitory. this ensures a safe and private space for female travelers, you are more than welcome to interact with guests from other parts of the hostel in the common areas.
Yes, group bookings are welcome at Sortby stays. If you're planning to book for a group, it's recommended to contact the hostel in advance to check for availability and any group-specific discounts.
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